• Cats

  • At Dierenparadijs Amsterdam, over half of the pet supplies for sale in our shop are just for cats! We help you care for your cat through every stage of its life, from wet or dry cat food for growing kittens to mature cats who need special diet formulas for health issues like hairballs, urinary tract infections, or weight control. In our store you can find the most popular brands of quality cat food like Applaws, Iams, Animonda, Biofood, Yarrah, Clinic, Caro Croc and more, plus top brands for cat accessories like Sureflap, Cat Mate and Petsafe cat doors.

    At our pet supply shop you can enjoy choosing from a huge selection of cat toys and natural treats, cat beds and scratching posts, litterboxes in all sizes and all types of cat litter. If you can't find it in our store, we can order it for you! We're always happy to answer your questions about feeding and caring for your cat, and we can provide helpful advice about training and flea prevention. Dierenparadijs is your one-stop shop in De Pijp for everything you need to keep your cat healthy, active and purring happily in your lap for years to come.